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Welcome to the, Ekokwa, learning, networking and sharing program focused on helping all gain a better life. Find the skills, the resources, the partners, mentors and the skills you need to be successful and to help others

Welcome to the Karamoja, Ekokwa, learning and networking community

Together we can make the world a better place.  for many in the developing world, they lack access to the right people, knowledge and skills to create the opportunities and outcomes they desire.  For many in the developed world, they do not  Have  a way to  find those in need of help, making it difficult for them to share  what they know.  At Karamoja's Ekokwa Cloud, our goal is to bring everyone together and to as a globally connected team, help all to realize thier goals, dreams and aspirations .

Nolbert followed 2 years ago
Join the Bicycles for Humanity Movement
Beatrice liked 2 years ago
Together anything is possible, if you are anywhere globally and want to create positive change, improve the lives of others and make a difference, joining this site is for you. Everyone is welcome, no matter where you are globally. pat
Chrispus liked 2 years ago
Is the glass half empty or half full, This question has been asked a million times, i believe it is half full. I also believe there are hundreds, maybe thousands of terrific paying jobs for people in karamoja today, that will generate a lot of money , we are just not looking in the right direction. As Alfred builds out apps in the cloud, support, integration teams wil lbe needed. So much support is online, take this app for example, the team that support are global, they communicate with their customers using Intercom an online app, check it out.Intercom... (More)
Pat commented 2 years ago
Hi all, check out for many of you with skills, there are al to of opportunities to get work here, this is just the start of the ideas, I can see many more, we just need to go after them and have the skills.