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Here we talk about entrepreneurship and development

carrying on with the theme of working outside of uganda, Alfred at is loading onto the google cloud and will sell this learning platform as a service. Over 29,000 schools globally use it. As teachers here learn this new platform, they can apply for teaching jobs globally and work from uganda, teaching anywhere on earth . I believe this is another very big opportunity for teachers to Make money and advance their careers.
Who looks outside your community to get work, on the internet. If i asked all of you on this site, the number of you looking to work outside of your community would be zero. if you are looking outside, please let me know. There are millions of jobs on the internet and the people of Uganda and karamoja have a great chance at getting many of them. Call centre support jobs, that use messaging and technology as a platform to communicate with clients , is a perfect job for many of you, if you have have a good grasp of... (More)
Hi all, check out for many of you with skills, there are al to of opportunities to get work here, this is just the start of the ideas, I can see many more, we just need to go after them and have the skills.