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This group will discuss and share ideas on how to create   A new business,  take advantage of opportunities and build teams to help you achieve your goals.

All to often, we look around where we live and we look for the jobs that are in our communities. These are usually either working for government or for an NGO. This is good, but it is only a fraction of the jobs and opportunities. This section will explore A wide variety of ideas and business models. We introduced the idea of working on line through an agency to find work using your specific skills. Alfred at is putting up hosted sites and competing globally to find opportunities. he will hire many people to support the projects he sells.... (More)
Chrispus replied 6 months ago
Hi, one of the big problems in Africa and in much of the developing world is that the school system does not teach, networking and learning in the non traditional way, of sharing ideas, discussions opportunities and bringing together team to help solve the problem at hand.. This is vital to growth and having the right people around you cna lead to success. This program is open to all globally who want to join in and together make a difference. Uganda and especially karamoja is my second home , a place I love and where a lot of help is... (More)

Common Sense Community Development

The founders of the believed that a bicycle and a smart phone are the game changers for all in the developing world. 8 years ago, we brought 4500 bicycles, to Karamoja, kickstarting the economy in many regions, while training many to build service and support business’s around bikes.

With the lack of books in schools, we brought the iEmpowerment program, a turnkey education and healthcare program on a memory stick that can be freely delivered and shared with anyone. Our roots were in technology and bicycles and they always will be.

Paul and I also come from strong backgrounds... (More)