Hi All, a couple of things, first, we can use the free version of this platform, not sure if it will meet our needs. Secondly, we are looking at another platform, we can control and we are not at the mercy of suppliers. I think this is going to get a lot bigger. I have been struggling with what the real problem is, and it comes down to Opportunity to make money. Bizoza and the TEP team are working hard to be great teachers, this is wonderful, but they are not being paid to even teach, this is wrong. I am involved in a community health project in Zimbabwe, again, health workers are trained, they are keen ,but they are not being paid. government officials are paid, the NGO’s are paid, but the people doing the perk are not paid, this is wrong on a thousand levels.

We live in an internet world, skills are transferable anywhere globally and people can live and perk anywhere. Cloud Empowerment is putting up Hosted global apps. There are other apps and cloud platforms, for the people with skills, they can provide support, they can develop, sell and do a hundred other things with cloud companies. If a teacher can teach and they are good, why should they not work anywhere online. if a person has good communications skills, why not support product and l from karamoja wherever in Africa. I have been asked to find peopel to do some work for a Canadian company, they cannot get good people ,but we have them in uganda, and there are good jobs here. I believe rather than skills development, we need to create opportunity and places where people will get paid for doing a job