I had a pretty exciting day, identifying jobs for people in Africa to make a great wage, working globally, while staying at home in their village. We als o made progress on a program to help community health workers get paid, starting in Zimbabwe. I think as a starting goal, we should Set an objective to get at minimum 1000 people in karamoja and in uganda, great high paying jobs this year. I believe this is easily achievable if we work together. I also think we should set a goal to help at minimum 5 of you and your teams to create new business’s that can compete globally. Alfred and Cloud Empowerment got the go ahead today on 2 projects in Tanzania and in Zimbabwe. We are close to a third New business partner in Hawaii, who sells software globally. All of these services were made in karamoja and exported globally. As Cloud Empowerment grows, the opportunity for jobs behind it in many areas will keep growing. Personally, i think the goal should be one million new high paying jobs, not 1000 and if we set the goal high and we work as a team, we can do it. Over the next few days, i will lay out the strategy and those that want to join in can. the best jobs will go to those that put in the effort, they will have earned the right. Remember what Walt Disney said, “If you can dream it, you can do it” While government and NGO’s Are trying to give away millions to train people with no hope of a job, lets get the jobs and then train the people with the needed skills to work these jobs and to help others get great jobs. Exciting times