I spent my business life in the technology, networking space and loved every minute of it. Today, with the internet now global and cloud technology growing at a staggering pace, there is no question that technology will totally change healthcare for all. High value efficient models is key to a better system and right now the focus is not on the people and the providers, but on the infrastructure and the administration that drives it.

Even in Africa we see this, governments there follow the model of the developed world and big NGO’s in healthcare follow a similar top down model. 7 years ago we started give it away 64 gig memory sticks to deliver health education to thousands , these sticks hold thousands of hours of HD video training that in limited internet areas where the price is high, would be almost impossible to access, now it can be copied and shared for free, see IEmpowerment.org

Recently I helped the team at Cloud Empowerment, see cloudempowerment.com, launch a new model of healthcare deployed n the internet and on solid state devices with high speed wifi to deliver the signal to remote areas. This, machine learning, access to apps that cover a thousand things in healthcare and new devices like healthcubed.com, change the game for ever and for all.