Is the glass half empty or half full, This question has been asked a million times, i believe it is half full. I also believe there are hundreds, maybe thousands of terrific paying jobs for people in karamoja today, that will generate a lot of money , we are just not looking in the right direction. As Alfred builds out apps in the cloud, support, integration teams wil lbe needed. So much support is online, take this app for example, the team that support are global, they communicate with their customers using Intercom an online app, check it out.Intercom has thousands of customers and hundreds of people right now, could get support jobs using the intercom platform today and be paid a very good wage. For all that have strong English skills and maybe another language, there are hundreds of support jobs now online, we just have to go and look for them. Image living in karamoja, but making a wage for someone living in New York , this is very possible, but to get those jobs, we need to think outside the box.