So you know how I am thinking, we are talking about creating 1000 jobs in uganda, we should also look to seeing the teachers and health workers being paid a Great wage for the work they do, I actually think we can help them make more than the government does, and now they a have a choice, teach in Uganda, or stay in uganda and teach globally making multiple times more. it is wrong on a hundred levels, why good people work hard and are not paid what they are worth. This will be the singular driver in al owe do, help people gain a better life.

I have been bothered for awhile about an organization called, I have spoke ngo them, talked about technology and how it can empower health workers and there was no interest, which is fine. What bothered me more was the fact that they take in a lot of money provide some training, tell the world they share Helloing one million new health workers and they make it look like they are doing good work. In reality a very big percentage of those health workers leave the job, they aren’t to paid, and people expect them to work for nothing, when they have loved ones to take care of, yet the team at one million health workers gets paid. This is wrong on a thousand levels, They ahve a responsibility to help those workers make a fair wage for providing a great service.I think the goal should be to get one million community health workers trained and paid a fair wage. We have already started a project to compensate health workers based on donors seeing accountability. Another point, No one wants to touch helloing peopel get paid, they know it is tough, but thier dirty secret is, their model os way too inefficient to even think about paying anyone but themselves . Yes, I am being tough on them and I wil be equally touch on all who think that making people work for nothing is right, while they take home the money. healthcare is just one segment, i can think of many more where the local people are treated very poorly by the NGO crowd who should be doing more. Am I upset, yep, if it fair to ask peopel to work for free, nope, should a new model go into place that renders the inefficient outdated and out of work , yep. So here we go, one million paid community health workers , if anyone is interested in joining, drop me an email